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CRAFT by Better Futures በአስተሳሰብ የተነደፈው የመጀመሪያዎቹን መስራቾች ጉልበት ለመጠቀም ነው፣ነገር ግን የቅርብ አጋሮቹን ችሎታ እና ፍላጎት ይጠቀሙ። LaToya Riggins CRAFT እና CRAFT Cafeን ትመራለች፣ እና የህጻናት እንክብካቤ ንግዶችን አሁን እና ወደፊት ለስላሳ እንዲሆኑ ለማድረግ ራሷን ቆርጣለች። 


A place for the Early Childhood Education industry to network with other Leaders in the field and join the movement!

ለእርስዎ የሚስማማውን CRAFT እቅድ ይምረጡ! 

CRAFT CAFE Live's first-ever event launched in 2020, in Washington, D.C. From the beginning, guests on CRAFT CAFE Live evoked a sense freshly brewed coffee in a local coffee shop surrounded by your best friends. The CRAFT CAFE Live brand is fresh, bright, and authentic.  With its charming vintage feel, CRAFT CAFE Live makes it easy to enjoy a hot tea of your choice (or coffee, no judgement), and connect with other ECE Professionals on topics that are at the top of mind. CRAFT CAFE Live provides a welcoming and comforting space for busy business owners and visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee, of course, in a CRAFT mug. Led by host, LaToya Riggins, guests can also enjoy fresh conversations, while simultaneously building their network of support to move our industry forward beyond the confines of the global pandemic. CRAFT CAFE Live is simply the best part of your Friday because, since 2020, LaToya Riggins continues to bring people together and evoke a true meaning of hospitality. If you haven't met her by now, LaToya is lively and social, caring, supportive, optimistic, ambitious, driven, focused, resilient, persistent, bold, strong, determined, confident, passionate, fast-paced and people-focused. Always here to support, encourage and empower people, LaToya has shared the CRAFT CAFE Live experience with people across the world (including Africa) in hopes of nurturing leaders to develop the world's greatest resource, our children! Prepare yourself for a great time at CRAFT CAFE Live!


December 1


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ዋጋዎች በማንኛውም ጊዜ ሊለወጡ ይችላሉ.

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አዳዲስ ክፍሎች ሲጀምሩ እና በ CRAFT ካፌ ቀጥታ ስርጭት ሲቆሙ እንደተዘመኑ ይቆዩ።

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