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ቡት ካምፕ?

As one of the world’s most renowned business coaches, we are happy to announce the WAVE Bootcamp Program is back! We're now accepting new businesses so every individual can receive one-on-one mentorship for the cost of any CRAFT Membership.

An Unrivaled Live Experience

The WAVE ACCOUNTING Bootcamp Program is a
12-week training program that includes live group training with Jahi where Early Childhood Leaders interact with him and have the ability to ask questions or reach out for personal help through one-on-one coaching.

Get Knowledge and Get Answers

The purpose of this interactive online Bootcamp course is to help early childhood business leaders implement systems to strengthen your business and avoid wasting time and money, doing away with the endless bags of receipts during tax time. This program will provide the "how to" on setting up and using an online accounting system to manage your business finances, track expenses, pay staff and collect payments for an Early Childhood Education business of any size.  No accounting experience required. 



Want to run a streamlined Family child care business, take electronic payments from parents, maximize tax deductions, organize receipts and save time? With an Accounting system, you will learn how easy it is to manage your financials and track receipts from anywhere- using a smart phone, laptop or tablet and just a few minutes per month!

Gain the skills needed to run an organized and financially strong Family Child Care business. 

Model in Red Outfit

What Members Say

"The importance of using profit margin to access the business's sustainability and use the data to look at more analytically at what an expense is, why it exists and if it necessary or appropriate.  Learning how to upload receipts was also valuable."



Module 1:  Setting up the system

Module 2: Marketing  Like a Pro

Module 3: Invoicing & Accepting Payments

Module 4: Tracking Expenses

Module 5: Uploading Receipts

Module 6: Profit Margin and Financial Reports 



How long is the WAVE Bootcamp?

This course is 3 months long. Once you enroll you will receive email updates about your next steps. One-on-one coaching will be available to you for the entire duration of the program. Classes take place 1X per month and will be delivered live via our online platform.

How much does it cost to attend the WAVE Bootcamp?

You will need a paid membership to register for this exclusive event. Memberships start at $79 per year (CRAFT Family).

What time zone will the WAVE Boot Camp be in?

This current cohort starts August 13, 2022. Anyone interested in joining the next Cohort (3), may do so by clicking the link.

Will I be able to interact and receive guidance from the presenters?

Yes! We'll share product tips, best practices, one-on-one support and some use cases during the entire Boot Camp. Each member of the Cohort will have an exclusive link to schedule one-on-one meetings via Zoom.

When will I have access to the Recordings?

All classes will be available for replay within 24 hours after it is recorded.

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How To


       Purchase any CRAFT Membership below.

       Click on the Take Quiz (WAVE) below.

       Submit the WAVE Quiz and you will be 

       contacted via email to join the next Cohort. 

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